Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the use of the website, applications and services of VleesBesteld.nl for consumers.

VleesBesteld.nl is part of Shopforce BV, address: Koggelaan 5d, Assendorp, 8017 JH, Zwolle, Overijssel, Nederland, registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce 57967202.

Last modification: 01-06-2013

Processing of personal data

Personal data of customers is only used as explained in the terms and conditions. VleesBesteld.nl does not sell, give or publish customer data to outsiders for commercial purposes. We only disclose your address to the supplier where you placed an order, to make your delivery possible. Exceptions are the requests from a government agency, for example, as part of a police investigation.

Relationships with the suppliers listed on the site

When ordering from VleesBesteld.nl we forward your order at the supplier chosen. If for some reason the delivery is not possible, we will contact you as soon as possible. VleesBesteld.nl plays a role of intermediary in this process. Actual conditions of delivery are variable and depend on the supplier you selected. Responsibility for VleesBesteld.nl is limited to sending the order to the chosen supplier.

Online Payments

Online payments made directly to the website are transferred to the applicable supplier by VleesBesteld.nl. A payment can only be refunded if a supplier has not (fully) delivered what was promised. In the event that a conflict should arise concerning online payments, you can report this to VleesBesteld.nl by email at [email protected]

Complaint Handling

VleesBesteld.nl is not responsible for the service as provided by the suppliers listed on our website. It is best to handle any problems directly woth the supplier. However, you can submit your complaint via email at [email protected] Each complaint will be processed by a member of our team.

Newsletter and Spam

Once an order is place, you can tick the check box if you wish to receive our newsletter. If this box is checked you will receive our electronic newsletter until you wish to unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe in the profile tab of our website. You will not be included in the newsletter if the box is unchecked. The only email you will receive is a confirmation of order from VleesBesteld.nl. VleesBesteld.nl does not send "spam" (unwanted email)
If you want more information about the data processing at VleesBesteld.nl please contact us via email at [email protected]

Protection of personal data

The information you provide when ordering is preserved in a series of servers protected by encryption to 128 bits and a firewall.


VleesBesteld.nl uses a technique called "Cookies" to increase usability of the website. The cookie that is used by VleesBesteld.nl is a number that allows us to help you faster the next time you order. For instance, your postcode will be filled in automatically. Cookies are used to store the products to your shopping cart, which is a requirement to operate the website. By using cookies no personal data is transmitted via the internet.


Despite the efforts of VleesBesteld.nl of completing daily updates of our price lists displayed, it is possible due to external reasons that some prices may not be corrected. Neither the supplier nor VleesBesteld.nl where the order is placed from can be held liable to pay any difference in price. If you see pricing errors please notify [email protected] as soon as possible and we will make arrangements to change the listing as soon as possible.


VleesBesteld.nl makes every effort to provide the best possible service to its customers. VleesBesteld.nl cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of the site or related services.

VleesBesteld.nl and this Agreement shall be governed under Dutch law.